Waited in Vain

Down the stairs I moved in a slowly pace. I wish the sound of my every step echoes through the chambers your heart. Now more than ever, I need you to calm my senses. I need to feel every bit of your being. Hold on to my hand as if you would never let go. I need you now. Please come to me. Please...I waited...waited in vain.


Be still my beating heart.

Be still my beating heart. The waiting will soon end. The expectations too shall pass. You will once more skip a beat. Blood will fill you and wash away the uncertainty. Life will emerge anew. And the world will smile again. Be still my beating heart. Be still...


Pink Sunflower

"Every friend is to the other a sun, and a sunflower also. He attracts and follows" - Jean Paul Richter


Vibrant Hues

God has sown his name on the heavens in glittering stars; but on earth he planteth his name by tender flowers. - Jean Paul Richter